What We Do

Time for Participation (T4P)  is a new project to help schools and academies to transform achievement, behaviour and wellbeing through the power of participation.

You will learn:

  • How shared decision-making changes the school culture
  • The type of pupil participation that improves achievement, behaviour and wellbeing
  • The psychological theory that underpins participatory practice
  • How to harness and increase motivation for all pupils
  • How to start sharing decision-making in your own school

This project will help you to:

  • Mobilise the efforts of all pupils and staff to maximise learning.
  • Develop an engaging curriculum that has relevance to the lives of your pupils.
  • Reduce teacher workload and utilise staff more efficiently
  • Support teachers to modernise their role
  • Co-design policies and curriculum with pupils
  • Gather evidence of quality for Ofsted
  • Construct a bespoke list of participation principles for your own school
  • Create a school culture where every person feels valued
  • Demonstrate that pupils are at the heart of everything you do

This project takes place over 12 months, and schools can access the following support:

  • One day Launch Workshop for Head Teachers (early 2019)
    • An online forum to share ideas and practices
    • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • Bespoke in-school support  to include:
    • In-school development workshops for staff and pupils
    • Assemblies
    • Students-as-researchers projects
    • In-school consultancy

All participating schools will have the opportunity to contribute to a publication describing their experiences. Alongside this, schools can commission bespoke services as above.